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Army Lodging

Army Lodging

Army Lodging is available throughout the United States, Europe, Korea, and Japan at 46 on-post locations. Army Lodging operates 1,800 guest rooms at 18 locations Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS). Rooms are available to Active Duty, Retirees, DoD Civilians (GS & NAF) and their sponsored guests.

Privatized Army Lodging – Most on-Base Army Lodging is now privatized. Information for reservations can be found on the Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) page.

Army Lodging Locations

  • Camp Zama, Japan
  • Camp Chievres Lodging
  • Destin Army Recreation Lodging
  • Garmisch Lodging
  • Grafenwoehr Lodging
  • Hohenfels Lodging

  • Stuttgart Lodging – Kelley Hotel
  • Stuttgart Lodging – Panzer Hotel
  • Judge Advocate Generals Legal Ctr. & School
  • Vicenza, Italy
  • Vilseck Lodging
  • Wiesbaden Lodge


Military personnel on orders must receive a Certificate or Statement of Non-availability from Army Lodging prior to staying in an off-post hotel in order to be reimbursed for lodging expenses. Online Reservations are available at select OCONUS Lodging locations. Reservations can be made at or below the DoD Per Diem Rate for lodging when traveling on official travel orders.

Does Army Lodging accept Space Available (Space A) Reservations?

Active Duty and Reservists (regardless of branch of service), and Military Retirees are eligible to stay on any U.S. military base that offers Space-A lodging. Some government run Army Installations will allow Military service members and retirees to reserve rooms up to 30 days in advance, but many military lodging facilities will not accept Space-A reservations more than a few days or a week before arrival. This ensures that travelers on official government travel orders are able to make reservations as needed for TDY, PCS, TAD, etc.

Are Pets allowed in Army Lodging

Government run Army Lodging has specific pet policies which vary by installation, as dictated by the Post Commander (or Garrison Commander). *Most Army Posts have a maximum allowable 2 pets per room, and each must weight less than 80 pounds. *Certain breeds are restricted. *Verification that vaccinations are complete and up-to-date is required. *Pet must be on a controllable leash at all times when not inside of the guest room.

What is a Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Lodging Receipt? How do I get one?

If you lose a lodging receipt, or are unable to obtain one, you will need to complete a Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Lodging Receipt, which will certify that the required receipt for lodging to support your claim was destroyed or lost. You will need to include the dates of stay, cost per night, taxes, hotel/landlord information, and finally you will need to sign and certify the statement.

If the accommodations were shared with another person or with family members, only the traveler’s share of the cost will be reimbursed. Do not include expenses for food, bar, or telephone in the lodging receipt. A Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Lodging Receipt can be obtained by contacting any Army Lodging Facility.

Army Lodging Acronyms
BOQ = Bachelor Officer Quarters
DVOQ = Distinguished Visitor Officer’s Quarters
DVQ = Distinguished Visitor Quarters
VOQ = Visiting Officer’s Quarters

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