Camp Zama Army Lodging, Japan

Address: Shindo, Minami Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0326, Japan

Camp Zama Army Lodging

Army Lodging at Camp Zama has 91 hotel rooms. There are five (5) different room types to choose from depending on the nature of the travel (official orders such as TDY or PCS, or un-official travel) and the size of accommodation required.

Building 552 offers all of the amenities of an extended stay hotel room. Each room features a kitchenette and one (1) queen size bed. Limited connecting rooms may be available (with connecting doors) for families traveling with children. Free WiFi is also available to all guests in the lobby of Building 552.

Building 780 has two 3-bedroom apartments which are primarily set aside for large families on official PCS travel orders to Camp Zama. There are also several 2-bedroom suites and single rooms with one queen bed which are located in this building. All rooms have a kitchenette with all of the standard features of an extended stay hotel room.

The DVQ (Distinguished Visitors Quarters) is located in Building 550. Each room includes one queen size bed with plush living room furnishings, and microwave and refrigerator.

Camp Zama Army Lodging Amenities

Camp Zama lodging includes several complimentary services: a Sunrise Start Breakfast served every morning in the main lobby, Wi-Fi, Washers and Dryers, Cable TV/Telephones, Refrigerator & Microwave Oven. There are limited amount of Pet Rooms available.

About Camp Zama

Camp Zama is a United States Army post which is located in the cities of Zama and Sagamihara, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, about an hour driving distance from Tokyo, Japan (40 km (25 mi) southwest of Tokyo).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring pets to Camp Zama while staying in Army Lodging during TDY or PCS?

Zama Army Lodging offers 14 pet friendly rooms.  Pet friendly rooms are offered on a first come, first served basis.  PCS inbound guests will have priority over all other guests requesting these rooms.  Pets are limited to dogs and cats.  All other animals to include, but not limited to the following: birds, reptiles, fish, hamsters, ferrets, exotic animals, etc., are not allowed in lodging facilities.

Please inform your selected sponsor so that arrangements can be made. Contact the Camp Zama Pet Kennels to make a reservation if your request cannot

be filled.

What is the Camp Zama Army Lodging Reservation Policy?

All reservations will be held until 6 p.m., day of arrival. If you are arriving PAST 6 p.m., please notify the respective lodging facility and provide a major credit card and expiration date, to confirm the reservation for late arrival. If a credit card is not provided, the reservation will be cancelled, promptly, at  6 p.m. Confirmed reservations (with a credit card) must arrive before 12 a.m..

Confirmed reservations must be cancelled by 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. Any cancellation after 6 p.m., day of arrival, will be charged one night's room rate. Exception shall be those in a PCS-In status. If the PCS-In guest does not arrive by 12 a.m., the arrival shall be rolled over until the next day. Maximum rollover is 2 days, or 48 hours.

If a room is not available for an official (TDY) traveler, 10 days out, a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) number will be issued. This is a control number for the traveler to record on his or her travel voucher, stating that government lodging was not available. Paper or stamp CNA’s are no longer issued. In addition, CNA’s will NOT be issued retroactive. The CNA must be issued either prior to, or day of, arrival.

How long can I stay in Camp Zama Lodging?
Military personnel and civilians must report to the housing office within two working days of arrival to the installation. The Housing Office will determine the length of stay needed before quarters are provided. Stays of longer than 10 days must be approved by the Housing Office. The maximum stay for unofficial travelers is 14 days within a 40-day period.
Can I stay in Army Lodging on Camp Zama?

Authorized soldiers and official Department of Defense travelers on orders may make reservations. Permanent change of station reservations are accepted up to 90 days in advance and temporary duty assignment reservations are accepted up to 90 days in advance, based on availability.

Official travelers must present a copy of their orders during check-in. Eligible unofficial travelers can reserve rooms seven days in advance. When there are no rooms available, listings to neighboring bases or off-post Japanese hotels can be provided.

It is expected that your sponsor will coordinate with you regarding your temporary lodging requirements well in advance of your arrival.

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Address: Camp Zama Lodging, Shindo, Minami Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
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