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Privatized Army Lodging (PAL)

IHG Army Hotels

What is Privatized Lodging?

Privatized Lodging facilities are located on or near U.S. installations, are operated by a commercial lodging company, and are corporately branded (e.g., IHG Army Hotels, Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites, Staybridge Suites, Historia Collection, etc.). The PAL program provides transient lodging facilities throughout the continental United States (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The goal of PAL is to support soldiers and families by privatizing the lodging function.

IHG Army Hotels

IHG® Hotels & Resorts and Lendlease are the sole provider of privatized lodging to the Army as the hotel operator and developer of its 40 Privatized Army Lodging locations.

Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) Locations by Installation

Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) Reservations

Reservations for Privatized Lodging can be booked directly in the Defense Travel System (DTS). DTS will automatically guide travelers to the Gov’t Privatized tab whenever they are TDY to an installation which has Privatized Lodging as an available option in DTS.

Does Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) accept Space Available (Space A) Reservations?

Active duty military members and their family have first priority. Military members on official government travel orders (TDY, PCS, etc.) have first priority for reservations.

Are Pets and Service Animals allowed in IHG Army Hotels and Privatized Army Lodging?

Pets and service animals are welcome at all IHG Army Hotels. You must inform the reservations agent prior to arrival if you are traveling with pets, and there is a mandatory Pet Policy. There are also restrictions on breeds and sizes as well as deposits and other fees. All guests bringing a pet or service animal will be required to sign a Pet Agreement at check-in.

Am I required to stay in Privatized Lodging?

If on official travel orders, then generally your orders will state whether or not privatized or government lodging is directed when available. The Joint Travel Regulations (par. 1265) requires a traveler to use Privatized Lodging when TDY to an Integrated Lodging Program Pilot site and Government lodging is not available at that location. If Privatized Lodging is available and the traveler does not use privatized lodging, DTS will cap their lodging reimbursement at the prevailing Privatized Lodging rate. If there is a valid, mission-related reason for declining to use the required Privatized Lodging, the (Authorization Official) AO will authorize full reimbursement for their lodging choice.

What if there is no availability in the Privatized Lodging facility? Do I need a statement of non-availability?

No. Since IHG Army Hotels are privatized facilities under the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) program, official travelers to these installations are no longer required to present certificates or Statements of Non-Availability for lodging reimbursement.

Will I receive a Statement of Non-Availability if the on-post IHG Army Hotel can’t accommodate my reservation?

No. Since IHG Army Hotels are privatized facilities under the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) program, official travelers to these installations are no longer required to present certificates or Statements of Non-Availability for lodging reimbursement.

Do I have to be in the Military to stay at IHG Army Hotels?

No. IHG Army Hotels are open to all military personnel, contractors, families and even pets to enjoy the comfort and convenience of on-post hotels.

Does IHG Army Hotels provide a complimentary free breakfast?

Yes, a complimentary hot breakfast buffet or cold breakfast will be provided to all registered guests (up to two adults per guest room plus children under 18 years of age) in the great room of each central hotel building. For additional guests (beyond two adults per room) and invitees of registered guests, a charge (per person) will be applied. Be sure to check with the hotel front desk for breakfast hours and location.

Do IHG Army Hotels have a Guest Laundry?

Most hotels offer free laundry facilities for all registered guests. Please check with the hotel front desk for more information.

Are guns or weapons allowed inside IHG Army Hotels?

Weapons are prohibited in all hotels. Firearms and ammunition must be registered and kept in the Provost Marshall’s office or other secure area as designated by each Installation. Unregistered weapons will be reported and turned in to the Provost Marshall. Please check with individual hotels to obtain a copy of the Installation’s Weapons Policy as specific regulations may vary. If you are assigned to a unit, the firearm can usually be stored in your unit’s Arms Room. Otherwise, the Military Police will often store your weapon at the MP station on Post; For more information call the Provost Marshall’s office.

Do I need to confirm my official or unofficial status at check-in?

Yes, all guests must confirm their official or unofficial status at check-in. This can be done by presenting: government travel card with which payment will be made, a form of official identification, official travel orders, government-issued picture ID or other Cost Reimbursable Contractor (CRC) identification.

Can I earn IHG® Rewards Bonus Points for staying at IHG Army Hotels?

Yes, and in fact IHG® Rewards Bonus Points Packages offer additional bonus points per night, above and beyond what can be earned for each night’s stay at IHG Army Hotel locations.

Army Lodging Acronyms
BOQ = Bachelor Officer Quarters
DVOQ = Distinguished Visitor Officer’s Quarters
DVQ = Distinguished Visitor Quarters
VOQ = Visiting Officer’s Quarters

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