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Air Force Inns

Air Force Lodging – Inns

The Air Force Inns provide over 27,000 rooms at 89 locations worldwide. Rooms are available to Active Duty, retirees, NAF or DoD civilian employees, and sponsored guests.

Air Force Inn Reservations

Air Force Inns are cost efficient and in many cases, are less expensive than staying off-base at a commercial hotel. Reservations can be made at or below the DoD Per Diem Rate for lodging when traveling on official travel orders.

Air Force Inn Locations

Air Force Inn Amenities

Air Force Inns are conveniently located to most base and Force Support Squadron (FSS) activities provided by the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Centers. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available to all guests. All Air Force Inn accommodations are family friendly for short term stays at lodging, or for extended stays at the Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) units. Pack ‘n Play portable cribs are available for use and a select number of the Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) housing areas have playgrounds on the premises.

Does Air Force Inns accept Space Available (Space A) Reservations?

Space Available reservations can generally be made up to 45 days prior to an arrival date depending on occupancy (advanced reservation availability may vary depending on the Air Force Base and the travel season). Space-A guests will be asked to provide a valid government ID card (Military, Dependent, or Retiree identification), or a Common Access Card (CAC) ID if a federal civilian employee, and a credit card upon check-in to the lodging facility.

Space A Policy
Space-Available reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance, depending on
the base occupancy and at the lodging managers’ discretion. Space-A reservations for
TLF can only be made up to 30 days in advance in accordance to AFI 34-135 Table 3.5.
Priority 1 customers will not “bump” Priority 2 customers with confirmed reservations,
nor will they bump them once they are assigned quarters (checked in) for a specific
period of time, except in times of contingency, emergency, or when the installation
commander determines higher priorities exist. A confirmed reservation may not
guarantee a specific room type. (last updated 24 Sept 2014)

Are Pets allowed at Air Force Lodging Facilities?

Most Air Force Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) units are pet friendly for a small fee. Guests must keep their animals caged or crated when left unattended, or during housekeeping visits.
Specific guidelines are as follows: When an installation commander determines there is
a valid need to accommodate pets in TLFs, they may designate up to 40 percent of the installation’s TLF units as pet friendly.

Air Force Lodging Acronyms
= Air Force Base
AFS = Air Force Station
ARB = Air Reserve Base
ARS = Air Reserve Station
VQ = Visiting Quarters
VOQ = Visiting Officer’s Quarters
VAQ = Visiting Airmen’s Quarters
TLF = Temporary Lodging Facilities
DVOQ = Distinguished Visitor Officer’s Quarters
DVAQ = Distinguished Visitor Airmen’s Quarters
LDVOQ = Large Distinguished Visitor Officer’s Quarters
LDVAQ = Large Distinguished Visitor Airmen’s Quarters

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